Welcome to the ERNDIM website, the External Quality Assurance Programme for Amino Acids, Quantitative Organic Acids, Purines and Pyrimidines, Special Assays in Serum and Urine, Cystine in White Blood Cells and Lysosomal Enzymes.

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Apart from the lay-out of the website we have included two innovations:

Scores and Certificates

After a discussion of some years a new certification system has been implemented. Instead of a certificate of performance you will now get a certificate of participation and performance. The basis for this certificate is your score as reported on the new Annual Report. According to fixed criteria your performance for accuracy, precision, linearity and recovery is graded and transferred to the certificate.
For an explanation please click here  or go to the general information section under “interactive website” and “explanation of annual reports”.

Control Materials

Control Materials are available from MCA Laboratories, the scheme organiser for the quantative ERNDIM EQA schemes.
Click here  for information and online ordering.

This website is managed by MCA Laboratories on behalf of ERNDIM. For any questions please contact the website manager Irene de Graaf ( ).